Park Farm Fishing Membership Rules

Fishing Rules

Minimum age for membership is 18 years old. 

When fishing the carp or leisure lake you must use a cradle for fish you have caught not a mat, each angler must have their own net and cradle no sharing.

Barbless hooks only 

No lead core, shock leaders or zig rigs of any kind

No fixed leads or lead clips

When carp fishing you must have a carp care anti bacterial spray to treat hook damage or any other damage, 

No loose feed when carp fishing on any lakes (PVA BAGS, MESH, STRINGER OR METHOD) only.

All nets, mats, weigh slings, etc must be dry before first use on our lakes.

No keep nets.

Two rods maximum per angler

Must have a suitable unhooking mat when fishing the moat

Must have a suitable landing net (Minimum 36inch)

All fish to be weighed in weigh sling, DO NOT weigh any fish in landing nets

DO NOT stand for pictures, any pictures to be taken by kneeling over your carp mat or crouching over your cradle.

All fish must be returned to the water ASAP

All litter to be taken home with you.

Maximum of seven anglers on the Carp Lake

Maximum 10 anglers on the leisure lake

Day ticket times are 7am until 7pm night tickets 7pm until 7am

Night fishing is for members only

Under 14 year olds must be accompanied by an adult

Do not move from lake to lake

Gates to the fishery do not open until 7am, please avoid turning up prior to this time as this is also a residential property.

There are speed limits around the farm/fishery which must be adhered to, children, dogs and horses could appear at any time.

Access to the lakes will not be permitted prior to the time your fishing starts, please stick to your time slots.

Carp lake If you have cast into a vacant swim and another angler decides to fish from that swim, pull your rods back and allow them room to fish e.g. halfway

Our fish health is of upmost importance to us, please bear this in mind when fishing and handling the fish.

Please ensure your mat or cradle is wet before putting fish in or on it with fresh lake water this is especially important during hot weather